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Our Work

Since 2017, Strive has worked with community partners in Indianapolis and Haiti on projects that improve quality of life and quality of place. 

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Greenspace in Indianapolis

Strive has worked with the congregation at Union Chapel Indy since 2017 to reimagine and transform the church’s 5-acre property into an interactive space that serves the surrounding community through education, recreation, fellowship, food production, and communion with creation.


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Community Impact Academy

Strive's Community Impact Academy guides students through planning and executing environmental action projects, while they connect with youth from schools around the world to share their ideas, progress, and experiences and support one another along the way.  

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Rainwater Harvest in Plaine de L'Arbe

In 2018, Strive repaired the rainwater cistern at the National School of Plaine de L'Arbre in northern Haiti, and replaced the gutters in January 2019.  During the rainy season, the school and community are able to use water harvested from the system and during dry months, Strive assists with water deliveries to fill the cistern.

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Food Storage in Plaine de L'Arbre

In 2019, the National School of Plaine de L'Arbre was at risk of being cut off from much-needed food assistance due to insufficient storage capacity.  Strive helped the school construct a dry, secure storage building and donations from the World Food Programme resumed for the 2020 school year and beyond.

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Erosion Control in Anse Rouge

In 2021, Strive is partnering with Better Universe and Citizens and PLANEDCAR to use vegetative ground cover to prevent erosion of bare soil in Anse Rouge and Gonaives.  Targeted plantings will improve soil retention during heavy rainfall and increase groundwater recharge during rain events. 

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