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Strive's Directors

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Megan Sharp

Founder & President

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Stephane Simeon

Global Activities


Dr. Tom Iseley

Vice President

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Lori Baker

Education Activities


Dr. Joshua Gruver

Secretary/Global Activites

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Wei Liao

Global Activities

Our local coordinators serve as liaisons between Strive and our organizational partners in Haiti, and provide essential cultural insights to help guide our decision making process.

Haiti Country Coordinators


Wales Metayer grew up in L'Arbre and attended the National School of Plaine de L'Arbre through 6th grade.  Wales attended Jhony Joseph College and has worked for a number of organizations in Haiti, including USAID, the National Office of Cadastre, and the Ministry of Public Health and Population.

He is passionate about improving the well-being of his community and has worked with founder Megan Sharp since 2014 to make Strive's work in Haiti a reality.  He helps manage Strive's projects between visits by preparing budgets, securing materials, recruiting local labor, and overseeing project completion.

Wales Metayer

Logistical Coordinator

Hyriodet is originally from Sources Chaudes in the Commune of Anse Rouge, Haiti.  He has over a decade of experience working for various NGOs in Haiti, including five years with Oxfam International.  His experience includes work in the fields of water, sanitation, and hygiene; food security; and soil conservation.  He is a well-respected farmer, agronomist, and community leader.

Hyriodet currently runs Le Penseur, a professional development academy in Gonaives.  He is working with Strive to facilitate the Community Impact Academy program at Le Penseur and the National School of Plaine de L'Arbre and to train future program facilitators.


Hyriodet Joseph

Community Impact Academy Facilitator

Our work would not be possible without our valued
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