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Soil Conservation

Our newest program is underway in partnership with Better Universe and Citizens and our partners in Anse Rouge, Haiti.  Soil loss is a persistent problem in Anse Rouge, where each heavy rain washes more and more soil toward the sea.  We're supporting the effort to minimize erosion and increase groundwater recharge through targeted plantings of grasses, trees, and wildflowers.  


Deforestation - fueled by charcoal production, salt production, and expansion of agricultural lands -  has left vast tracts of land in the Anse Rouge commune with no vegetation cover,  leaving the soil vulnerable to wind and water erosion.  This image shows the clear impacts of sheet and rill erosion on much of the Anse Rouge landscape.  


Targeted grass plantings help to cover the soil surface, reducing soil loss when the wind blows or rainwater runs over the soil surface.  The grasses' roots also help to hold soil in place and increase organic matter, making soil healthier and more stable.


In addition to grass species selected for their extensive root systems, native trees and wildflowers will be planted to foster the resurgence of native ecological systems.


Volunteers from local civic groups, schools, churches, and development organizations are instrumental to the program's success.  You can be part of it, too!  Sign up for our newsletter or support this work with a financial gift today.

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