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In a 2018 community forum, members of the Plaine de L'Arbre community shared their goals for social and economic development in the area.  Each of the needs they stated - improved agriculture, sanitation, healthcare access - required something else first:  Water.  Strive's Water First initiative is meant to respond to this need.  The initiative encompasses four objectives: Rainwater harvest, water purification and hygiene, land use strategies for increased groundwater recharge, and well installation.


Rainwater Harvest in
Plaine de L'Arbre, Haiti

The initial project of Strive's Water First initiative in Haiti was to repair the existing rainwater harvest system at the National School of Plaine de L'Arbre.  The cistern at the National School holds about 10,000 gallons, which provides about two months of water for drinking, hand washing, and preparing school lunches.  But the impacts reach beyond providing for the students and faculty during the school day.  Previously, every family with children enrolled would regularly contribute money to have drums of water delivered to the school each week.  Families can now save that money to be used toward their own household needs.   Hover on the photos in the gallery below for more information and to meet some of the folks involved!

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