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We STRIVE for people and planet WHITE.png

Uniting people across cultures in service to environmental and human well-being.

What We Do

What We Do


Sustainability Initiatives

We work with community

organizations around the world to facilitate environmental stewardship projects.


Global Engagement

We foster cross-cultural engagement between our partners to share knowledge, skills, and ideas.


Meaningful Involvement

We are a growing

community of global citizens immersed in

service, learning, and



We're investing in nature.

We believe that long-term economic stability is not possible if natural support systems are degraded along the way.  It must come from a positive process of restoration and regeneration of the natural resource base that forms the foundation of a community's economy.

We're taking the long view.

We believe development should proceed in harmony with a community's culture and environment.  Our projects are designed with each partner's long-term vision and well-being in mind, and our community partners take the lead in guiding our work.


We're bringing people together.

We believe there's a lot we can learn from each other!  Our opportunities for cross-cultural engagement will allow participants from diverse communities to visit and interact, sharing their unique ideas, knowledge, and skills for building sustainability at a global scale.

Our Mission

Strive facilitates environmental stewardship and sustainability initiatives with community partners around the world, using these initiatives to foster cross-cultural engagement, understanding, and knowledge exchange.


Our Core Values


"There are two things that interest me: the relation of people to each other and the relation of people to the land."

                                         -Aldo Leopold


If we work together, we can help our communities and our planet thrive.


Get in Touch & Get Involved!

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